Guide to Virtual Happy Hour

Guide to Virtual Happy Hour

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 12th May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic made going and out meeting friends a potentially deadly endeavor. Humanity perseveres and the virtualhappy hour has become the new go-to for people seeking friendly conversation over a few drinks.

As the host or hostess, you need to be the leader and initiate conversation, create fun games and guide them through it, at least for a little while.

It’s easier than ever to meet up with friends in a virtual environment and chat about their lives and there isn’t even a cover charge. It’s a way for friends and family from across the globe to meet with a glass of wine, beer, or their favorite mixed drink.

If you’re interested in hosting a virtual happy hour, then we’ve put together the perfect guide to make you the hostess with the mostest.

Create It Around a Theme

Does your favorite bar have theme nights where you dress up in crazy costumes or create cocktails especially for the event? Why not do the same for your virtual happy hour. When you send out the invitations, let them know what the theme is and encourage them to dress accordingly and create drinks that support the theme.

What Video Platform Do You Want to Use?

Whether they plan on using their phone or their laptop, make sure everyone involved has the video platform to use for the event. One of the most popular platforms for meetings with multiple people is Zoom. It’s used by many businesses for virtual meetings, so your guests may already have it.

There are also many other choices from Skype to Google Hangouts. Try to get a consensus on everyone’s preferred platform before sending out invitations.

Be the Leader of Your Bandwagon

The first virtual happy hour might be a little awkward as people get used to the setting and video chat. As the host or hostess, you need to be the leader and initiate conversation, create fun games and guide them through it, at least for a little while.

Eventually, as the libations flow, people will loosen up and a more relaxed and conversational atmosphere will appear. Try to steer conversations around obvious, but morbid, topics like the disease and politics as the goal is to create a fun atmosphere.

Netflix and Drink

If your group is more of a sip wine and watch a movie group, then consider a group streaming party. Everyone begins watching a television show or movie at the same time and chat about the film as it plays.

Don’t Forget the Food

It may be a virtual event, but every bar has appetizers and snacks to eat while drinking. Have a bowl of your favorite chips and dip visible and encourage everyone else to do the same. Everyone can snack as the night goes on and no one worries about germs.

Who knows, you might see something new and get the recipe from one of your friends.

It’s All About Fun

Your virtual happy hour is all about fun and conversation. It’s a way for you, friends, and family to see each other and weeks or even months of isolation.

If you’re short on drinkware or the perfect wine and cheese accessories? We have everything you need to make your virtual happy hour a hit. 

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