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Truffle Guide: The Flavorful World of Truffle

Truffle Guide: The Flavorful World of Truffle

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 31st Aug 2021

Truffles are one of nature’s most flavorful treasures. If you’re a seasoned chef, you likely know a thing or two about them. Many avid cooking enthusiasts though might not. This complex, delicious mushroom instantly elevates simple recipes and turns them into divine dishes. Use this guide to help you learn a little bit about how you can start using truffle in your cooking.

Truffle hunting

The Origin of the Elusive Truffle

Nothing this delicious can be easy to obtain. In the case of the truffle, it took until the 19th century for someone to figure out how to farm it. The gourmet treat is a fungus and the fruit of a hypogeum mushroom. This means that it grows under the ground. How then do farmers find plots of Truffle?

Farmers in the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and Australia use trained dogs or pigs to scout them out by scent.

Like other mushrooms, they do well in moist soil, which is why it is best to collect them 10-14 days after significant rainfall.

Black Truffle vs White Truffle

These mushrooms are available year-round, but each season yields a different species. Black truffles are the larger of the two major types. They are known for a taste that can be described as earthy and funky, and they are primarily found in the Perigord region of France. The best way to utilize these is in sauces and creams, which release the musky aroma.

White truffles are, of the two, higher-prized. These small lumps hold flavorful gas inside that is released upon slicing to create a delectable garlicky taste. Farmers grow these mushrooms in the Piedmont region of Italy.

How Truffle Can Change The Way You Cook

Using truffle in your cooking is like dressing up a simple outfit with a bold accent piece. The unique and powerful flavors instantly elevate simple dishes and take more complex cuisine to a new flavor dimension.

Truffle doesn’t only come raw. It can also come in the form of:

● Oil

● Butter

● Salt

● Hot Sauce

● Honey

● Other Sauces

The great thing about truffle is that its intense flavor means you only need to use a little to have a big impact on your dish. The trick is that you have to know how to pair it well. If you find yourself lost on how to use truffle in your meals, don’t fret. Here are some of the best fast, simple recipes that can get you started integrating truffle, truffle oil, and more into your cooking:

Simple Truffle-Scented Eggs

The perfect overnight breakfast recipe for easy upscale dining at home!

1. Fill a jar with raw eggs, still in the shell, as well as raw truffle.

2. Refrigerate the jar for 2-3 days, letting the eggs marinate in and absorb the earthy flavor of the truffle

3. Cook eggs how you like them and lightly grate truffle to top the dish.

Truffle steak

Truffle-Crusted Steak

Imagine the juicy steak flavors combined with the unique, earthy aroma of truffle!

1. For this recipe, use Truffle Salt rather than raw

2. Salt before or after cooking your steak to enjoy the delicious flavors.

Gourmet Truffle Honey Snacks

Try adding truffle honey to these common snacks for an unbelievable blast of flavor!

● Fruit salad

● Ice cream

● Cheese and crackers

● Toast or dinner rolls

You can even use it as a marinade for poultry dishes!

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