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Best Summer Gift Ideas For A Cocktail Master

Best Summer Gift Ideas For A Cocktail Master

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 11th Aug 2020

Summer is the perfect time to sit on the back porch and drink your favorite cocktail, whether it’s a mint julip or an early morning mimosa. If you know someone that loves making drinks, then we have the perfect gift list for you.

People who love making unique and fun cocktails need to have the right tools of the trade, so we’ve put together some of the best gifts ideas for those interested in mixology and wine as a hobby or professionally.

The Perfect Drinkware for the Perfect Drink

Anyone that has had to drink a martini out of a highball glass understands the true meaning of awkwardness. There are hundreds of different drinks and cocktails and many have their own type of glass from rolling wine glasses to frosty mugs.

We’ve grown up watching people drink from these types of glasses in movies and television, so there are certain expectations.

It’s one thing to drink cheap beer from a red Solo cup and another to drink single malt scotch from one.

Give your barmasters drinkware that provides them the freedom to create whatever concoction their hearts desire in the correct glass.

Wine Accessories to Savor and Enjoy

Amateur sommeliers can spend hours talking about and tasting different wines. It’s a passion that extends to their basement bars and wine cellars. If you know someone that loves wine, then they need to have the accessories to genuinely enjoy it.

Corkscrew wine openers provide the satisfying pop and wine preservers keep that special vintage fresh and ready for the next day. Chillers can keep your wine cool on even the hottest summer day.

Don’t let your favorite wine lover go another day without the tools they need to develop into the best sommelier they can be.

Don’t Forget About Appetizers and Other Foods

You can’t have a summer outing filled with wine and cocktails without food. Your guests want to sample cheeses and other foods as everyone relaxes on a warm summer day. If you want to add a level of class and sophistication to any cheese tray, then include an array of cheese knives and tools.

They should also have a selection of spreads for anyone that isn’t in the mood for cheese. Why not a little bruschetta made from gourmet olive oil. These are all perfect gifts to make any small gathering a success and bring a smile to the hosts’ faces.

Wine and cheese are the perfect combination, but there are many other foods and appetizers you can choose from that fit any taste.

Hot Summer Days Were Meant for Cool Drinks

As the temperature climbs, people develop a thirst for mixed cocktails, wine, and more. If you have a mixologist or sommelier in your home, then give them some of these amazing gifts to take their passions to the next level.

We have everything you need from drinkware to gourmet oils and spreads. Explore our website and find the perfect gift to make this the best summer possible.

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