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Ode to Galicia Where Preserved Seafood is a Family Tradition

Ode to Galicia Where Preserved Seafood is a Family Tradition

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 6th Apr 2024

Nestled in the northwestern corner of Spain lies a region of unparalleled beauty and rich culinary tradition: Galicia.

The region has long been a favorite domestic tourism destination for those living in Mediterranean Spain desperate for a break from the summer heat. But lately, Galicia is making its mark on the international gastronomy map with its tinned seafoods in classic flavor combinations.

In this ode to Galicia, we share some of our favorite artisan brands from the region: Real Conservera, Ramón Peña, La Curiosa, and Los Peperetes. Their best products are just a click away from the Le Gourmet Central Shop, find your new favorite today!

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Real Conservera Española: Preserving Tradition

Canned seafood has officially taken the foodie world by storm. Tins of preserved fish are now a constant fixture on food influencer’s videos and pop up on menus in the hippest restaurants. But Real Conservera isn’t in the preservation industry to chase trends, they’re the real deal.

Real Conservera embodies the art of preserving Galicia's culinary heritage through its exquisite canned seafood. Utilizing time-honored methods passed down through generations, Real Conservera captures the finest seafood from the Galician coast and hand-packs each tin.

From succulent mussels to tender octopus, each tin is an authentic piece of the briney Cantabrian Sea. Real Conservera's commitment to sustainability ensures that future generations can continue to savor the flavors of Galicia for years to come.

Crack open a tin of the award-winning Real Conservera Española Small Mackerels in Olive Oil for an easy tapa, perfectly paired with an acidic white wine.

These small mackerels, prepared and preserved in premium olive oil, boast a delicate yet rich flavor profile with a hint of the Atlantic Ocean. They also add a savory taste to salads and pasta dishes.

Photo credit: courtesy of Real Conservera Española

Real Conservera Española Sardines in Olive Oil are sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of Galicia, and packed in rich olive oil to preserve their natural freshness.

Their high fat levels give a creamy texture and a taste that can’t be beat. Serve them on crusty bread with a squeeze of lemon or toss them into salads and pastas to add a burst of umami flavor to your dishes.

Compra Conservas Ramón Peña en La Tienda de las Conservas

Ramón Peña: Crafting Gastronomic Masterpieces

For over a century, Ramón Peña has been capturing and preserving the finest seafood from the Rias Baixas (Galician estuaries). Known as the richest fishing waters in Spain, the team at Ramón Peña respects the unique marine biodiversity of the region so they can preserve it for generations to come.

Only using seafood captured in season, their team sticks to the traditional ways, eschewing conservatives and food dyes for a truly artisanal product. This results in amazing textures and unparalleled flavors that still taste like the sea.

Duo of Sardinillas in Olive oil by Ramon Peña

Carefully selected and preserved in premium olive oil, Sardines in Olive Oil by Ramón Peña, stun with their rich, buttery texture and exquisite flavor. Grilled and toasted before preservation, these sardines are award-winners for a reason!

Enjoy them atop toasted bread with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt or pair them with fresh greens for a salad bursting with Mediterranean flavors.

No trip to Galicia is complete without savoring a dish of Pulpo a la Gallega with a glass of white wine. Make it at home with Octopus in Paprika Sauce by Ramón Peña. It’s tenderized to perfection and seasoned with paprika and sea salt.

Most simply enjoy this traditional dish with some crusty bread. It also tastes amazing on a bed of boiled potatoes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and topped with flaky salt.

La Curiosa Tinned Fish - Despaña Brand Foods

La Curiosa: 21st Century Conservas

Traditional doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned! La Curiosa brings a funky, modern spin to the world of seafood preservation without losing any of the artisanal techniques.

A young company, La Curiosa dove headfirst into the industry, focusing on innovation and quality in their quest to share the diverse flavors of Galicia with the world. From their signature conservas to their artisanal pates and gourmet pantry staples, the company sustainably sources the finest ingredients from Galician waters.

Canning in the traditional method with additive-free, natural ingredients La Curiosa packs each tin by hand.

Photo credit: courtesy of La Curiosa

Their colorful tins with quirky illustrations stand out on any shelf. Interested in trying something a bit unusual? The Cod Pate with Candied Apple is a fun tapa idea, just add crackers! The Tuna Belly with Green Curry brings an Eastern twist to the traditional Spanish dish and is great with rice or salad.

Are you still a traditionalist at heart? La Curiosa has perfected the tried-and-true combo of Mackerel Fillets with Lemon and Thyme. Browse their full collection on Le Gourmet Central to find your next favorite.

Home - Conservas Artesanas Gallegas | La calidad en conserva ...

Los Peperetes: A Symphony of Flavor

There’s nothing like spending a sunny day in Galicia savoring its most traditional dishes, like octopus, mussels, and goose barnacles. Los Peperetes brings the bold flavors of Galicia to your doorstep with their exceptional range of artisanal products.

Rooted in tradition yet unafraid to push the boundaries of flavor, Peperetes celebrates Galicia's culinary heritage with a commitment to quality. Peperetes uses 100% natural and local ingredients, hand-packs every tin, and proactively pursues a sustainable and responsible use of resources and energy.

Photo credit: courtesy of Los Peperetes

Choose the Los Peperetes Oysters in Pickled Sauce (Ostras en Escabeche), which enhances the briny sweetness of the oysters with a tangy and aromatic marinade. Enjoy these oysters straight from the jar as a dreamy appetizer, or serve them atop freshly baked bread.

Los Peperetes Mussels from Rías in Galician Sauce are a true delicacy, cooked to perfection and smothered in a rich Galician sauce. Indulge in these plump and tender mussels straight from the tin, or add them to pasta dishes or seafood stews. They are a perfect topping for seafood paella as well!

Galicia is a seafood-lovers paradise and if you can’t make it there in person this summer, your next best option is the Le Gourmet Central Shop.

Let’s raise a glass of Galician Albariño wine and crack open a tin of preserved fish and indulge in that briny taste of the Rias Baixas. Salud!

Created by foodies, for foodies, Le Gourmet Central presents an incredible selection of world-class ingredients and delicacies, delivered with an unparalleled customer experience.

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