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March into Indulgence: Le Gourmet’s Top Brand Picks

March into Indulgence: Le Gourmet’s Top Brand Picks

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 4th Mar 2024

When the days finally start to get longer, we can’t wait to start inviting our friends and family over for great food, warm conversation, and unexpected European foodie delights. Use this March to explore exquisite products from Le Gourmet Central that will impress your guests.

From the sun-kissed groves of Spain to the picturesque countryside of England, and the rustic charm of Italy, we hand-picked three brands for this March.

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Los Peperetes: The Spanish Tradition of Seafood Preserves

On a sunny Spanish afternoon, one of life’s best treats is stopping by a neighborhood bar, and ordering a soda or cold beer. If you’re lucky, your bartender drops your drink off with a small plate of preserved mussels or anchovies for you to savor while you sip. A free tapa may not come with your drink in America, but with Le Gourmet Central’s selection of Spanish preserves, you can bring this Mediterranean indulgence to your own backyard.

Spanish conservas have taken the international gourmet world by storm. Hailing from the traditional fishing region of Galicia, Los Peperetes epitomizes the rich culinary heritage of canned Spanish seafood. With a legacy spanning generations, this family-owned brand takes the Spanish tradition of preserving seafood seriously.

Sourced from the finest ingredients and preserved at peak freshness by skilled artisans, these products are ready-to-eat and make the perfect pre-dinner appetizer.

Los Peperetes Barnacles from Rias Gallegas | Percebes

Photo credit: courtesy of Los Peperetes

The Los Peperetes Goose Barnacles from Rias Gallegas may not look like anything you’ve seen before but each bite bursts with the briny flavors of the Cantabrian Sea. A delicacy in the northwestern part of Spain, open up a tin and savor them with a crisp white wine for a typical Spanish snack.

Los Peperetes Galician Canned Gift Box - 6-pack

Photo credit: courtesy of Los Peperetes

Need to find a gift for the seafood lover in your life? The Los Peperetes Galician Canned Gift Box offers up six exquisite canned options, including buttery mussels in pickled sauce, briny oysters, exotic goose barnacles, and velvety octopus. Try a little bit of everything and discover your new favorite.

Cartwright & Butler | The Great Yorkshire Shop

Cartwright & Butler: Tea Time with a Side of British Elegance

Want to invite your friends over for something a little different? Throw an afternoon tea soiree! The gourmet products offered by Cartwright & Butler, tell a story of quintessential British charm and sophistication.

At Cartwright & Butler, the art of indulgence takes center stage. From delectable buttery biscuits to melt-in-your-mouth fudge, your morning coffee or tea has found its perfect match. Each product is crafted using time-honored techniques and the freshest ingredients.

Whether you're enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea or hosting a lavish gathering, Cartwright & Butler exquisite range of products adds an unparalleled touch of elegance to any occasion.Their adorable iconic tins make their biscuits, toffee, fudge, coffee and tea blends, and other desserts a perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Photo credit: courtesy of Cartwright & Butler

Serve up the ultimate treat with Cartwright & Butler Butter Fudge in Tin. A traditional Scottish recipe made with real butter, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

You can’t have an English tea party without a proper cup of black tea. Choose the full-bodied flavor of Cartwright & Butler English Breakfast Tea Bags in Caddy. Brew up a robust cup of the finest Ceylon tea for a little pick-me-up in the morning or when your next guest pops by for visit.

Antifo Frantoio Muraglia Antico Frantoio Muraglia Muraglia Olio ext...

Frantoio Muraglia: Olive Oil made in the Italian Tradition

Don’t mind us, we’re just pouring this delicious, flavorful olive oil over every dish from now on. Nestled amidst the sun-drenched landscapes of Italy, Frantoio Muraglia stands out in the world of olive oil production. For five generations, this esteemed artisan mill has been crafting some of the finest extra virgin olive oils, bursting with flavor.

Their olives are carefully handpicked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring that only the finest fruits make their way into the production process. Using traditional stone mills, the olives are cold-pressed to extract every drop of flavor and goodness, resulting in an olive oil of unparalleled purity and intensity.

Pour some of the complex Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Cactus Ceramic by Muraglia over some strong hard cheese, drizzle it over a fresh salad, or serve it with crusty bread. With notes of tomato, arugula, radish and artichoke, this new variety vamps up any appetizer.

Rainbow Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic by Frantoio Muraglia

Photo credit: courtesy of Muraglia

Even the container is a work of art with the Rainbow Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic by Frantoio Muraglia. Filled with a monocultivar Coratina extra virgin olive oil, this award-winning product tastes fantastic with fish, soft cheeses, shellfish, and other delicate flavors. Use it as the ultimate finishing touch to any dish!

This March,any night-in will feel special when you order the finest offerings from Peperetes, Cartwright & Butler, and Frantoio Muraglia straight to your doorstep with Le Gourmet Central.

Bon Appetit!

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