​6 Classic Flavors of Fall Season | Le Food Guide - LE GOURMET CENTRAL
​6 Classic Flavors of Fall Season | Le Food Guide

​6 Classic Flavors of Fall Season | Le Food Guide

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 13th Sep 2022

With the days now growing shorter, the air turning cooler, leaves beginning to turn stunning shades of red, amber, yellow, green, and brown, and pumpkin spice lattes back on the menu, it can only mean one thing – fall is upon us.

Fall is not only one of the most visually stunning periods of time, it’s also a foodie’s heaven. With so many taste sensations to choose from, here are 6 classic flavors of Fall.


Salted caramel is synonymous with fall. From the rich sugary taste to the deep golden color, salted caramel is an ingredient that can be used in baking, or for whipping up a delicious fall drink.

Salted caramel is of course a match made in heaven when paired with apple, so naturally an apple pie, or tart, is the obvious choice here.

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Pear may be overlooked in favor of apple and/or pumpkin, but it is a delicious, sweet, and versatile fruit that is at its peak sweetness during the fall months.

For a warming fall evening dessert, how about poaching some pears in a cinnamon and vanilla syrup and drizzling with a rich salted caramel sauce?

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Maple syrup may be synonymous with pancakes, but don’t think that pancakes are the only thing you can serve with maple syrup.

Maple syrup looks like fall, it smells like fall, and it even tastes like fall. It’s great on desserts, drizzled over pancakes, mixed into oatmeal, and it really takes a pumpkin pie up to a whole new level entirely.

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Figs do not travel well, they quickly go off and ferment, but when they’re in season and perfectly ripe in the fall, boy do they taste fantastic?

Figs are sweet, sticky, gooey, and aromatic, and go incredibly well with other sweet flavors such as honey and maple syrup.

If you’re looking to settle down for a cosy night after a wet and windy fall day, a hearty and warming fig, squash, and lamb stew with lentils, served with warm crusty bread and plenty of butter is guaranteed to warm the soul.

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We may associate chestnuts with the festive period, but don’t think that December is the only month of the year when you can enjoy them.

Chestnuts are sweet and nutty, and they go incredibly well with rich meats such as pork and duck, and herbs such as sage, thyme, and rosemary.

Another great warming chestnut recipe for the cooler months ahead is a smooth, rich, and creamy chestnut, parsnip, and bacon soup, topped off with crispy bacon lardons and served with warm buttered rolls.

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Yes, we know that pumpkin spice is the ultimate fall beverage for the 2020s, but before it became so heavily commercialized, chai was the definitive flavor to keep you warm and cosy for the fall and winter months.

Chai spice blends typically consist of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, ginger, cardamon, star anise, and vanilla. The traditional way to enjoy chai is in a warm, sugary, milky tea, but you can also use the spices for baking.

Chai spices lend themselves effortlessly to yummy fall recipes such as a chai banana and maple bread, or a fruity and rich chai apple or pumpkin pie.

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