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6 Cured Meats You Need to Try | Le Gourmet Central

6 Cured Meats You Need to Try | Le Gourmet Central

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 12th May 2024

One of the first things a visitor in Spain notices are the whole legs of ham hanging from the ceilings of the bars and restaurants. Cured meats, like the famous jamón, are more than just gastronomy in Spain, they’re a way of life.

Pork reigns supreme in Spanish cuisine and with all of the varieties available, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your taste.

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Read about six of the most popular cured meats from Spain that deserve a spot at the table at your next party. Le Gourmet Central has the best brands available in our marketplace, so a taste of Spain is just a click away.

Jamón 100% Ibérico

The star of Spanish cured meats, Jamón Ibérico is a delicacy prized for its unparalleled flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Made from the meat of purebred Iberian pigs, raised predominantly in the oak forests of Spain, this ham undergoes a meticulous curing process that can take years.

The result is a product with a deep, savory taste and marbled fat that brings people around the table.

This ham is so good, it’s usually enjoyed on its own, thinly sliced as a tapa and brought out during special occasions. Pair it with a glass of fine Spanish wine for a true gastronomic experience.

Photo credit: courtesy of Covap

Try it yourself with the thinly sliced Covap 100% Iberico Acorn Fed Ham, coming from the famous black-skinned pigs (known as pata negra in Spain). They live free-range in the forests of central Spain, with a diet consisting mostly of acorns, giving their meat its sought-after flavor.

The Cinco Jotas Acorn Fed 100% Iberico Ham contains only jamón carved from the tender shoulder of the pig.


A staple in Spanish cuisine, chorizo is a flavorful sausage with a distinctive smoky taste and a vibrant red hue, thanks to the addition of smoked paprika. Made from a blend of pork, garlic, and spices, it can make any dish better.

Chorizo adds depth and complexity to dishes ranging from stews, lentils, pastas, potatoes, rice dishes, and tapas.

Photo credit: courtesy of Covap

The Covap 100% Iberico Acorn Fed Chorizo is so tasty that you can have it on its own! Chop the chorizo up and place it on top of a piece of crusty baguette. Add some sharp Spanish cheese, like a manchego to create a mouth-watering tapa to pair with a nice red wine.

Lomo Ibérico

Derived from the tenderloin of the Iberian pig, Lomo Ibérico is a cured meat prized for its delicate flavor and buttery texture. Unlike other cured meats, Lomo undergoes a shorter curing process, resulting in a product that is leaner and more subtle in taste.

Typically seasoned with garlic, salt, and paprika before being air-dried, Lomo Ibérico is often enjoyed thinly sliced as part of a charcuterie board, in a gourmet sandwich, or as a standalone indulgence.

Serve the Cinco Jotas Sliced 100% Ibérico de Bellota Loin at your next tapas night with a side of salty olives.


Hailing from the Balearic Islands, Sobrasada is a spreadable cured sausage bursting with flavor.

Made from ground pork, paprika, and salt, this meat is seasoned with spices such as black pepper and nutmeg, giving it a distinctively spicy and aromatic profile.

Traditionally served spread on crusty bread or used as a topping for grilled meats and vegetables, Sobrasada is a versatile delicacy that adds a touch of Mediterranean warmth to any dish.

Photo credit: courtesy of Fermin

The Fermin Iberico Spreadable Chorizo (Sobrasada) is cured for 20 days for maximum flavor. Spread this all-natural sobrasada over freshly toasted bread so the meat melts into the crevices of your bread.


Don’t let the name blood sausage scare you away, morcilla is a real indulgence. For those with a taste for the adventurous, Morcilla will amp up your tapas plate.

Morcilla is made from pig's blood, rice, onions, and spices, resulting in a rich, earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Whether enjoyed on bread, grilled, fried, or simmered in a hearty stew, Morcilla is a bold addition to any meal. A little bit of morcilla in a dish goes a long way, with its strong flavor easily becoming the centerpiece of the dish.

Photo credit: courtesy of Fermin

Sample the rich and flavorful Fermin Morcilla Iberica (Black Sausage), carefully cured in central Spain.


You can’t go wrong with adding a bit of Salchichón to your charcuterie board. This dry-cured sausage is mildly sweet and goes with everything. Made from a blend of ground pork, garlic, and black pepper, Salchichón is seasoned with spices such as nutmeg and cloves before being wrapped in natural casing and left to air dry.

The result is a flavorful sausage with a robust taste and a firm, yet tender texture. Enjoyed sliced thinly as part of a tapas platter or paired with aged cheese and a glass of Spanish red wine, Salchichón is a true delight for the senses.

Photo credit: courtesy of Fermin

The Iberico Sliced Salchichon by Fermin is cured in the pure mountain air for 48 months before making its way to your table.

Whether you're savoring the buttery richness of Jamón Ibérico or indulging in the spicy warmth of Chorizo, these cured meats will be the stars of your next tapas night.

Browse our entire collection of cured meats and cheeses and get your shopping cart ready for your next get-together. Adios!

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