Indulge this Valentine’s Day with our Top Brands - LE GOURMET CENTRAL
Indulge this Valentine’s Day with our Top Brands

Indulge this Valentine’s Day with our Top Brands

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 1st Feb 2024

Love is in the air! Avoid the crowds, hurried set dinners, and the over-priced meals by skipping the restaurant reservations this Valentine’s Day. An intimate dinner at home is more romantic. Plus, when you choose some of the effortlessly luxurious European brands from Le Gourmet Central, your meal comes together without a hitch.

This month, we've handpicked three brands to upgrade your February plans, whether you’re inviting friends, family, or your romantic partner over for dinner.

Calvisius: Caviar Craftsmanship from Italy

Planning a romantic Valentine's Dinner? Or maybe a Galentines cocktail hour? You can’t go wrong starting the night with Calvisius caviar.

Founded in 1970s Lombardy, Italy, Calvisius isn't just about luxurious eats and traditional flavors. Sustainable farming is at the forefront of their business.They farm their own sturgeon eggs, so you get that guilt-free indulgence. When it comes to their caviar varieties, it's like a symphony of flavors. From the smooth Oscietra to the punchy Siberian, each tin is a new experience.

If you're into top-notch, eco-friendly indulgence, try the Calvisius Caviar Testing Set. This has everything you need for an at-home gourmet experience. It comes with two delicious tins, one of their traditional Calvisius Tradition Prestige White Sturgeon caviar and their decadent and creamy Calvisius Siberian Royal Sturgeon caviar. The set comes with three Mother of Pearl spoons and two packs of blinis so you have everything you need for that caviar experience.

nterested in giving your dishes a hint of that caviar flavor without overwhelming them? Add a dollop of the Calvisius Caviar Butter Cream to your creamy dishes, like pastas and risotto. That unmistakable Calvisius aroma folds in with the creamy butter for an unforgettable taste. It is also the perfect finishing touch to steaks and roasted fish!

Aceitunas Losada: Olive Bliss from Carmona

Say hola to Aceitunas Losada, the olive maestros from Andalusia, Spain. Since 1968, their team has been perfecting the olive game. Slow-ripened under the Mediterranean sun, they use only the meatiest olives and follow the traditional ways.

They have olives for every mood, from the hearty Gordal to the smooth Arbequina. February may be cold but when you pop open a jar, and you're instantly transported to the sun-soaked groves of Spain. Their artisan olives are delicious as an appetizer on their own, tossed in a leafy green salad, or cooked with chicken or pasta. Aceitunas Losada is bringing the taste of Spain to your home, turning any snack session into a Spanish fiesta.

Photo credit: courtesy of Rivera Wine & Gourmet AG

The Losada Cracked Marinated Verdial Olives are hand-picked and cured in extra virgin olive oil. Herbs and spices infuse the olives and give a robust flavor profile that pairs perfectly with cheese and meat boards.

The Losada Manzanilla Olives are perfect for olive purists. If you crave a simple brine with high-quality meaty and firm green olives, this is the variety for you. With a subtle salty flavor, these green olives are ideal for martinis or simply eating by themselves.

Finca La Rosala: Artisan Almonds

At Finca de La Rosala, artisanal craftsmanship takes center stage, showcased brilliantly in their premium roasted mixed nuts. Sprinkle them on salads for a delightful crunch or use them to top goat cheese crostinis, transforming your special dishes and appetizers into artisanal masterpieces.

The jarred White Truffle Marcona Almonds are the ultimate combination of sweet and savory in each crunchy bite. Elevate your pasta dishes by folding these almonds into a creamy fettuccine Alfredo or use them as a topping for a decadent truffle-infused risotto. For a quick yet luxurious appetizer, pair these almonds with Spanish cheeses like Manchego, creating an unforgettable flavor symphony.

Photo credit: courtesy of Finca La Rosala

With Finca de La Rosala, every bite becomes a journey into the heart of Spanish culinary artistry, bringing the spirit of artisanal excellence to your kitchen. The brand’s Premium Roasted Mixed Nuts, featuring a blend of almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans, tide over hungry guests. Set out before dinner as tapas, they complement a bright, light white wine or a refreshing lager.

From rumored aphrodisiacs like caviar, to light and simple appetizers like Andalisuan olives and Spanish almonds, we have everything you need for a lush Valentines meal. Pop that bubbly and enjoy an intimate night in.

Bon Appetit!

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