Our Top Picks for this May 2023 | Le Gourmet Central - LE GOURMET CENTRAL
Our Top Picks for this May 2023 | Le Gourmet Central

Our Top Picks for this May 2023 | Le Gourmet Central

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 2nd May 2023

Welcoming new products into Le Gourmet Central is always a delight and we really have some exciting brands for this season.

We’ve rounded up some of the best for this May 2023 so you can shop for something to wow your guests at the next get-together. Or maybe you are heading to a relative's for the warmer months and don’t want to show up empty-ended!

Discover the 4 brands we couldn’t get enough of this month, you’re sure to find the next best addition to your dinner table.

Tartuflanghe | LinkedIn


Running a truffle farm is a labor of love. When the result is a brand like Tartuflanghe, which constantly pushes the envelope in truffle products, the time and patience involved are well worth it.

Giuseppe Montanaro was a devoted culinary student with a love for the rich flavors of the truffle. He and his wife Domenica Tartuflanghe founded Tartuflanghe in 1975 with the goal of selecting and certifying only the best quality Alba White Truffles. This is the rarest truffle in the world.

Photo credit: Tartuflanghe

Their sustainably-run farm covers 20 beautiful hectares of shaded truffle grounds in Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato. Throughout the decades, the company has revolutionized the process of preserving its precious truffles.

Tartuflanghe is on a mission to bring complex tastes of the truffle to everyone. Now, instead of only being available at a fancy restaurant, you can enjoy the taste of truffles at home. Try some of their award-winning truffle-infused Tagliatelle. With handmade noodles, this egg pasta has just the right amount of truffle flavor to not overwhelm it while still leaving that unmistakable taste.

Photo credit: Tartuflanghe

Snackers who want a bit of a better life will love the Truffle Cashews or the Basil Pesto Chips. Full of flavor, you’ll have to stop your guests from filling up during the aperitivo hour! The White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes everything you use it on taste gourmet.

Castillo de Canena Line of Olive Oils

Lovingly crafted in the Jaen town of Puente del Obispo since 1780, the Castillo de Canena Line of Olive Oils is synonymous with quality.

A family business, this region is home to some of the finest olive groves in the world. Their olives are grown in the Alto Guadalquivir Valley, between the Sierras de Cazorla and Mágina.

Familia Castillo de Canena

Photo credit: Castillo de Canena

What makes the Castillo de Canena olive oils so good? The olives are harvested at the exact moment of their ripening. This is planned through a series of tests carried out in different plots of the sprawling estate. You won't achieve the finest quality if you don’t start with only the best, ripest olives.


Photo credit: Castillo de Canena

After harvesting, the olives are transferred to the mill within two hours. There they are cold-pressed and filtered by natural procedures. The resulting product is kept at peak freshness by storing the oil in nitrogen-infused tanks.

No part of the process is hurried and no corners are cute. Castillo de Canena proudly stands by every bottle they sell, down to the very last drop.

Drizzle some of their Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil on a crusty baguette with flaky salt for the perfect snack.

Terre Exotique

The team at Terre Exotique knows that the secret ingredient in any mouth-watering dish is always the seasonings. They’ve traveled the world to sample the best spices around.

Care is put into picking the freshest and best-preserved spices to end up in spice cabinets in all corners of the globe.

Don’t make the mistake of wasting your fresh produce and high-quality meats by under-seasoning this spring! Take a page from their book by adding a dash of Curry from Madras to your meat marinades, soups, or even sprinkled over fries or popcorn! It adds warmth and complex flavor to any dish.

Stock up on their line of spices and peppers, like the pot of dried Edible Flowers. Use them as a flavorful finishing touch to your salad and impress guests at your summer soiree. Add a few petals as a garnish to any dish or cocktail and make your life a bit more colorful and positively pretty!

Need to bulk up your collection or looking for a gift for the person who has everything? Their Herbs & Spices Set has everything you’ll need for a variety of dinners and snacks!

Photo credit: Terre Exotique


Lady Joseph

Lady Jospeh’s grandchildren are keeping their grandmother’s recipes alive. Originally from the Vourdex region of France, Josephine moved to La Rioja, Spain but never forgot her home country. Lady Joseph crafted her own little corner of France by opening her own tea salon in Spain and serving her famously thin and crispy cookies.

These delicious cookies were the highlight of every traveler’s trip through the region. Now, her original recipes are still used and shipped all over the globe. With whimsical, colorful packaging and traditional flavors, Lady Joseph cookies are an essential part of parties and holidays for families all over the world.

Indulge in something sweet with their delightful Lemon Curd Cookies. Or add the final touch to any charcuterie board with the Artisan Parmesan and Olive Oil Crackers from Lady Joseph.

If you can’t choose between all the mouthwatering flavors, try the Trio of Flavors, with cashew, sesame, and cocoa biscuits. Your afternoon tea or coffee break will never feel complete without a Lady Joseph cookie on the side. They’re just as refreshing served alongside iced tea if you want to stock up for summer parties!

We can’t wait to see how your spring celebrations go this year. Stock up on only the best so you can show up to any last-minute invite with something fresh yet unfussy.

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