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Picnic Essentials Made Easy with Le Gourmet Central

Picnic Essentials Made Easy with Le Gourmet Central

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 16th Jun 2024

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the fresh air with a picnic. Whether you’re planning something special like proposing during sunset or simply want a day out with friends or family, a picnic is a stress-free way to spend an afternoon. Le Gourmet Central offers a curated selection of high-quality products to make planning your picnic easy. Here’s a list of must-have categories to bring along for a well-rounded picnic:

Say Cheese with these Gourmet Offerings

Cheese can easily last hours out of the fridge, it doesn’t need any preparation, it’s a perfect finger food, and of course, it’s delicious! Bring a Professional Wire Cheese Slicer and your favorite cheese, including:

 The Snowdonia Black Bomber Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese: An award-winning rich and creamy cheese with an intense flavor, perfect for adding a bold taste to your picnic spread.

● The V de Navarra Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese: A rich and flavorful cheese with a smooth texture and a slightly nutty taste.

Photo credit: courtesy of Snowdonia Company

Break Out the Charcuterie 

For the meat lovers among us, a good cheese always needs some cured meats to go with it. Choose from the collection of premium meats at Le Gourmet Central for your artisanal charcuterie :

The Iberico Duo Snack Sampler: includes a delectable pairing of Iberico ham and Iberico chorizo, offering a taste of Spain's finest cured meats. 

Make it Crunch with Bread and Crackers

Cheese and meat are a start but you need some carbs to enjoy them with! Add some delicious bread and crackers to complement your cheeses and charcuterie:

French Baguette: Grab a fresh baguette from your local bakery or plan ahead with the Jocelyn & Co Take & Bake French Demi Baguettes. You don’t even need utensils, just tear off chunks for the ultimate companion to soft cheeses.

Organic Sourdough Olive Oil & Sel Gris Bites: Perfect for pairing with meats, cheeses, and dips, adding a delightful crunch and rich flavor to your picnic spread.

Photo credit: courtesy of Jocelyn & Co.

Spreads and Condiments

Sauce makes the meal. Don’t forget to bring a knife spreader or go rogue and just dip freely! Add variety and flavor with spreads and condiments like:

● Le Beurre Bordier Yuzu Butter: This unique butter combines the tangy zest of yuzu with creamy butter, perfect for spreading on bread for a simple snack.

Porcini Truffle Cream by L'Epicurien: A luxurious sauce made with earthy porcini mushrooms and aromatic truffles, ideal for adding a gourmet touch.

Photo credit: courtesy of Le Beurre Bordier

Wine and Beverages

A well-chosen beverage can elevate your picnic experience:

Zero Zero Rosé Gold Alcohol-Free Sparkling by Cipriani: Do you love that ‘pop’ when you open a bottle of bubbly but local ordinances ban alcoholic beverages in public? This alcohol-free bottle of delicious Rosé is the answer!

Make it Easy with a Set

Buy a ready-made box set that is already filled with everything you’d need for a picnic, like the:

The Tapas Night Assortment: Everything you need for a tapas-inspired picnic, featuring an array of preserved seafood, perfectly salted chips, buttery Arbequina olives, and other gourmet treats perfect for sharing.

Sweet Treats

Is any meal complete without something sweet to finish it off? Don’t neglect your sweet tooth and bring along :

Lady Joseph Delicate Lemon Curd Cookies: A zesty artisan treat that will add a burst of sunshine to your picnic. Made with fresh lemons and no additives or coloring!

Photo credit: courtesy of Lady Joseph

Picnic Accessories

Ensure you have the right accessories to enjoy your meal:

Picnic Blanket: Comfort is key - Keep the ants off your legs and your pants dry with a picnic blanket.

Reusable Plates and Utensils: Opt for eco-friendly, reusable plates and utensils to reduce waste.

Glasses: Bring along some sturdy, reusable wine glasses to fully enjoy your glass of bubbly or sparkling water.

With these picnic essentials from Le Gourmet Central, your picnic will be a gourmet experience, sure to wow a loved one and create lasting memories with family.

Created by foodies, for foodies, Le Gourmet Central presents an incredible selection of world-class ingredients and delicacies, delivered with an unparalleled customer experience.

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