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​The Heart of Catalonian Cuisine | Le Gourmet Central

​The Heart of Catalonian Cuisine | Le Gourmet Central

Published by Le Gourmet Central on 23rd Apr 2024

For centuries, the people of Catalonia have honored the romantic legends of Sant Jordi (St. George's Day) with vibrant traditions. Today, streets are filled with brilliant red roses and colorful book covers as loved ones exchange these symbolic gifts, celebrating the region's rich cultural heritage and love of literature. In this spirit of preserving beloved Catalan customs, we pay tribute to Sant Jordi by showcasing the iconic cuisine at the beating heart of the region's distinct identity.

Whether joining in the festivities or experiencing them from afar, let these time-honored flavors transport you to the heart of Catalonia's culinary soul.

A Taste of Tradition: Catalan Sauces and Condiments

Don’t skimp on the sauce! From patatas bravas to amazing seafood, no Catalan meal is complete without the bold flavors of sauces and condiments.

Add some spice to your plate with the iconic Espinaler Spicy Appetizer Sauce. Made from a family recipe, this sauce is poured over anchovies, chips, potatoes, and the Spanish tortilla (potato omelet).

All i Oli Sauce 'Tapas’ by Ferrer is the perfect complement to spicy patata bravas sauce. Infused with garlic and olive oil, spread it on crusty bread, barbecued meats, fish, or vegetables for a true taste of Catalonia.

Artisanal Delights: Jams and Preserves

Looking to punch up your Spanish cheese or charcuterie board? Artisanally crafted jams and preserves from the region pair perfectly with traditional cheeses like Garrotxa.

Add some variety to your charcuterie board with the Confit Cheese Pairing Trio Set. Crafted especially to pair with Spanish cheeses, the set includes a mix of savory and sweet with a Pumpkin and Spice Jam, Smoked Red Pepper Jam, and Ratafia Jelly.

The Ratafia Jelly is one of a kind, created from Ratafia, a sweet Catalonian liquor made from almonds, fruits and spices.

Add some other unexpected flavor combinations to your shopping cart, like the Lime Jam from Museu de la Confitura. Handcrafted in small batches, this adds a tropical twist to fish and desserts. 

Roasted chestnuts are a cherished Spanish holiday tradition. Try the Limited Edition Chestnut Jam, it gives a sweet yet earthy flavor to meats.

Mediterranean Treasures: Catalan Olive Oil

What dish isn’t made better without artisan extra virgin oil?

Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Auream Argudell Extra Virgin Olive Oil, used in the Catalan Michelin star restaurant, Celler de Can Roca. You will find yourself wanting to add it to everything!

Known as “liquid gold”, you can’t talk about Catalonian cuisine without talking about olive oil. With its fruity aroma and smooth finish, extra virgin olive oil is best used raw, drizzled over bread with salt, grilled vegetables, or in a salad dressing.

The artisan team at CanigoOil craft infused oils, like their Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infused with Chili Garlic and Peppers. This intense and spicy olive oil pairs wonderfully with pizzas and meat but adds some extra “oomph” to any dish.For true luxury, try the CanigoOil Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle. With olives cultivated from the Costa Brava, this oil adds sophistication to risottos, pastas, meats, and salads.

Live Live Indulgently: Catalan Nuts and Appetizers

The fertile hills of Catalonia grow exceptional almonds, pistachios, and other gourmet nuts. They are an essential part of typical Spanish desserts and cakes and the small, family-owned farms from the region take pride in growing only the best.

Looking for something to bring out for special occasions or round out a gift for birthdays, holidays? A jar of Les Garrigues Caramelized Almonds, carefully coated by hand in small batches, makes a great choice.

The Les Garrigues Chocolate Covered Almonds will cure any chocolate craving.

Gift a Bit of Catalonia

Are there any special foodies in your life? The Catalunya Gourmet Experience Set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a little taste of the Mediterranean in their life. With gourmet options like anchovy stuffed green olives, famous Vichy Catalan Sparkling Water, rich Argudell Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cookies, jam, and more, this gift set has everything you need.

Catalunya Gourmet Experience Set

Gift the secrets behind the craft of Catalonian cuisine with Cook with Joan Roca. The beautiful photographs show how to prepare and cook the best dishes from the region.

Cook with Joan Roca - Hardback Book

Check out the full collection of the Catalan luxurious delights available from Le Gourmet Central here.

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